Free Weather Apps That Every Traveler Needs To Try

When it comes to all the things that can ruin a good vacation, the list is pretty long. And out of all the things on that list, bad weather is always around the top. Excessive heat can make exploring new places seem impossible, snow storms can completely destroy your transportation plans, and sudden cold snaps can be just as frustrating as high temperatures. Although all three of these things can be quite annoying, heavy rain is on a completely different level. It can leave both you and your luggage soaked for hours.

While there is pretty much nothing you can do to prevent bad weather when you travel, be prepared for it will allow you to make better travel plans. With that said, having some sort of weather app installed on your phone can be very useful sometimes. The following are three weather apps that will help make your next trip a bit more enjoyable! Keep in mind that all three of these apps are available for iOS and Android users.


AccuWeather is a weather app that provides users with plenty of weather-related information in a very simple format that doesn’t make them scratch their heads. The hourly weather forecast is presented in both text and graph format, and it just looks nice. There is a feature that allows you to see what the weather feels like outside in real-time, which can really come in handy, especially if you are traveling in particularly cold destinations.


This app doesn’t do too much, but the things that it does do, it does pretty well. It shows you the current, daily, and weekly weather forecast for your current location. If you would like to see what the current weather situation is like in other parts of the planet, 1Weather allows you to do just that. Information is presented in such a simple format that you will enjoy using this app.

Weather Bug

Weather Bug is the most sophisticated weather app on this list. It has all the features that a good weather app needs to have, and much more. While some users might find this app to be quite overwhelming, Weather Bug does a great job with focusing on the things that you actually need to see. Another thing that makes this weather app so useful is the fact that you can track multiple locations at once, which can be very useful if you love to travel.